We offer to you the same experience of playing in a Blizzard server. Come play in our perfectly executed Cataclysm mechanics. With added quests, events, items, and experiences you can only get on our server.

What we have to offer:
  • All the fun scripts work, that favorite dungeon that you love and the boss in it will act exactly like you are killing him on a Billard server.
  • Play completely by yourself! Need a Priest? Perhaps you want a tank so you can do the healing? With our well scripted NPC Bots, you can spawn yourself a Priest, Warrior, Mage or anything else that would suit your fancy. They work exactly like you'd hope a player would play. The Priest keeps your party alive while your Warrior runs out and tanks the battle.
  • Money rates are the same, but we start you with 5k gold!
  • Your experience rate will be 3x. Not enough to blast you to the end, but just enough to make the grind not last you a year.
  • Profession trainers in all major cities have NPC shops right next to them selling materials you need to boost your Profession to the next level!
  • Recruit some friends and get the server firsts! With the NPC-Bots, do dungeon's with 1 other real person!
  • A friendly Discord chat with GameMasters that want to see everyone succeed in whatever it is they want to succeed in. No non-responsive un-caring GameMasters.
  • An advanced anti-cheat system that will ensure your safety as well as the integrity of the game.
  • Secret Quests, custom created for the server.
  • Discord VIP Status allows you to talk and plan with the more serious dungeon crawlers!
  • Custom full length events, Discord giveaways, in game giveaways, and multiple weekly GameMaster ran: Hide-n-Seeks, Quizes, and more!
  • First weekend of the month is double XP! Want to try out a new race/class but unsure if you'll like it? Level it on double XP!

  • The Stats:
    NPC Bots act as a perfect real life person.
    Experience: 3x regularly, 6x on first weekend of every month.
    Money: Start with 5k gold. Drops are the same.
    Items: Normal drop rate.
    Custom events and giveaways regularly!

    Implemented Features:
    Everything works! The 'work arounds' you find in other private servers are not needed here!
    Dedicated programmers bringing you the most unique and expansive gameplay in the Cataclysm Expansion and still working on it!
    Accurate line of sight checks and movement paths for creatures.
    Anti-cheat - Providing a safe evironment for our players!